15 May, 2023


Functionalist Villa from the 1930's

The villa for a family of eight after complete reconstruction again breathes the atmosphere of the 1930s. In addition, it has received a prestigious award.

The historic villa lost its significant functionalist face with its insensitive transformation in the 1990s. With the new owners came a complete renovation, which brought back the atmosphere of the 1930s and won the building a prestigious award. In 2022, the villa became one of the Czech Republic’s Buildings of the Year and was also one of the winners of the Czech Architects’ Grand Prix competition.

Return to functionalism

The sensitive reconstruction was done by architects from PAB studio. Architect Jan Pospíšil and his collaborators were guided by the plans of the original villa. Due to the requirement to increase the capacity of the house to meet the needs of a family of eight, the architects decided after much deliberation not only to build an extension, but also an addition. Today the villa has a total of four floors. The new top floor fully respects the basic geometric principle of the whole building, but the glass strip deliberately acknowledges that this is a contemporary achievement. But the path to the final form of the house was not an easy one. In fact, all the horizontal structures were in a very poor state of repair, and virtually the entire building was dismantled and then reassembled.

The owner is a collector 

The owners trusted the interior designer Ing. Jana Trundová from mimokolektiv studio.

“At the initial meeting we talked with the investor about how the house should look. He presented me with his collection of art and furnishings from the 1920s to 1930s, which we selected. He also introduced me to their living style at the time, so I could see how the family lived, what they wanted to keep in their new home and what they wanted to change,“ the designer recalls.

Of course, the investor’s collection had an influence on the interior design – the individual collector’s pieces had to be incorporated into the villa appropriately. Jana Trundová based her design partly on the original plans of the villa and then on the documentation from the PAB studio, which gave her authorial freedom in the interior design.

The modern and timeless YES! handle that understands history 

The ground floor of the building includes, for example, a library with a music room that also works as a guest room. One floor above is the main living area, which is used not only for family meetings but also for the reception of visitors. The second floor is dedicated exclusively to children – there are four brightly coloured children’s rooms. The upper floors are used as private retreats for household members. The top floor, which belongs to a married couple, is accessed via a small intermediate floor. The owner had a red sculpture of a beast from his private collection placed in this space. The spacious bedroom has a view of the wide surroundings thanks to the large glass surfaces, while the high ceiling also contributes to the overall airiness of the room. The walnut wall covering is a strong feature here, with a doors from Dorsis in the same decor. Their presence is only given away by the subtle YES! pull handles in black.

Elegant timeless pull handle available in different lengths. It is available with or without integrated WC/bathroom lock system. It is produced either in a minimalist full version or with a 2-finger grip hole. Manufactured in quality solid brass, and is available in 10 surface finishes and 5 different lengths.

This pull handle complements the M&T Magnetics door closing system.

M&T Magnetics is a revolutionary magnetic system that enables doors to open easily and close perfectly. Strong magnets in the door and frame allow for perfectly smooth and noiseless closing, holding the door closed without the need for a lock. Intended primarily for internal doors, the range also includes mini locks that can be added where extra privacy is needed. M&T Magnetic is designed by Roman Ulich for M&T. The M&T magnetic door closing system is the winner of the Gold Australia Good Design Award 2020.

“I selected these handles on purpose, as their elegant lines are related to the atypical ceiling sink battery that I used in the bathroom belonging to the owners’ bedroom,“ says interior designer Jana Trundová and adds in the same breath: “When the two parts come close together, the door opens smoothly and only the magnetic force holds the door frame firmly in place, without any projectile being ejected. That’s why a handle is not needed to open the door, but a grab handle is enough.“ The interior designer chose handles in a version with an integrated toilet/bathroom lock.


Sustainability, locality and everything made to order  

“I very much appreciate the trust investors have placed in me. This project has been a great challenge and experience for me. It is an example of the old-fashioned way of doing things, where everything is made to order, down to the last detail and from local producers. I am very happy about this,“ says Jana Trundová in conclusion.

Author of Building: . JAN POSPÍŠIL – PAB

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