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Hinges - Butt Hinges


Hinges - Butt Hinges

What is a butt hinge?

A butt hinge is a traditional style hinge with two rectangular leaves of metal with knuckles in the middle that are connected by a pin. One of the metal leaves is attached to the door and the other to the door jamb. This is the most common style of hinge used for doors and cabinets.

Formani Basics Hinges

We stock butt hinges by premium European architectural hardware specialists Formani. Matching the popular Basics handles range, these hinges are available in PVD Gunmetal, PVD Satin Gold, PVD Polished Copper, Satin Stainless Steel and Polished Stainless Steel finishes. These butt hinges contain ball bearings for smoother operation, and there are are options with straight or round leaves.