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Cabinet Handle - Sand Cast Solid Brass


Cabinet Handle - Sand Cast Solid Brass

At Two Tease Architecture, we supply quality Sand-Casted Solid Brass cabinet hardware by JOLIE, hand-crafted by artisans that is the perfect solution to any door. The ANVIL collection is a GOOD DESIGN AWARD Winner,

The sand-cast process creates a texture like no other handles, generating a sense of tactility that make it organic and natural to touch. Not only is it a strong and durable material that can withstand decay, rust or erosion, it can be recycled over an infinite amount of times, leaving behind less carbon footprint.

Solid brass’s attractive, natural appearance similar to that of gold makes it a very sought after materials for a lot of decorative appearances. In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, solid brass is the perfect material to use for any house interior but especially the exterior because of its resistance to natural elements.