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Hinges - door pivots


Hinges - door pivots

Two Tease distribute a range of pivot door hardware includes three sizes of door pivot hinges, depending on the size and weight of your door. For doors weighing 45kg or less, the Pivotica pivot hinge offers a lightweight and cost-effective option with a high-quality and durable European mechanism. This innovative door pivot hinge even allows you to adjust the pivot point on the door freely, at a minimum of 40mm from the side of the door. This enables doors to be rotated from the centre if desired.

For pivot doors weighing up to 100kg we recommend the Pivotica Pro 100 and for doors weighing up to 150kg we offer the Pivotica Pro 150. Both the Pivotica  100 and Pivotica 150 are available in ‘in-floor‘ options, with a floor plate that is raised 5mm off the floor instead of 13mm with the standard options, reducing the gap between the floor and the door. It is lighter and less expensive than other models on the market and because the pivot system is placed inside the door, this self-closing pivot hinge is ideal for today’s new builds or renovations. This provides the hinges with soft-close and wall protection.

Thanks to their compact size, both the 100 and 150 are quick and easy to install and they are the perfect door pivot hinge whether you are using single, double or floor-to-ceiling doors. It will hold the door at 90 degrees or closed and it is suitable for floors with underfloor heating. Black cover plates are available for both the Pivotica Pro 100 and the Pivotica Pro 150.

The Pivotica Pro 100 and Pivotica Pro 150 both have floor-mounted and built-in options either as a hold open pivot (F90) or freeswing pivot. For those looking for a invisible floor plate when the door is in the closed position, then the floor mounted pivot would be the best option. For those that are led by having a minimum gap from the underside of the door to the finished floor level then the Built In pivot would be the preferred option. Whatever the case, in consultation with our experienced team we’ll be able to help you find the right pivot door hardware to match your vision.

Door pivot hinges by argenta

Our pivot door hinges are made by premium Belgian manufacturers, argenta. Founded in 1909, argenta has been developing and producing innovative and high-quality concealed self-closing pivot hinges for over 100 years. The company has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Importing these specialist hinges is yet another way Two Tease goes above and beyond the standard service to bring our customers the very best in door hardware.