27 July, 2022

JOLIE Hardware Sand-Cast & Hand-Crafted by Artisans

What makes JOLIE lever handles, cabinet handles and even bathroom accessories so special? What makes them stand out in the market?

Hand-crafted by Artisans

Unlike your typical products lines, all products are manufactured in the JOLIE factory,  all hand-crafted and sand-casted with eco-friendly materials. With the highest standard of precision quality control, we create handmade products of solid brass using artisanal processes including casting, forging, grinding, milling, turning, polishing and pitting. The JOLIE design enable architects/ designers to use JOLIE throughout their entire projects, creating a unified look incorporating cabinet handles, door handles and even bathroom accessories.

Why choose Sand-Casting?

One of the oldest casting processes,  it is referred to as sand-casting process because the mould that contains the cavity into which the metal is poured is made of compressed or compacted sand.  As a result of this, it creates a texture like no other handles, generating a sense of tactility that make it organic and natural to touch. Traditional sand-casting enables the mould to be used over and over again, generating a environmentally friendly result that not only reduces waste and  toxins during the process, but also  speeds up production time due to the mould’s ease of use making it the perfect choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

The solid brass material that is poured into the mould is equally as eco-friendly.  Not only is it a strong and durable material that can withstand decay, rust or erosion, it can be recycled over an infinite amount of times, leaving behind less carbon footprint.  It’s attractive, natural appearance similar to that of gold makes it a very sought after materials for a lot of decorative appearances. In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, solid brass is the perfect material to use for any house interior but especially the exterior because of its resistance to natural elements.

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