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The Two Tease range of architectural hardware includes a premium collection of parcel boxes, designed to fit with modern mailing box and parcel box needs with the sleek and smooth lines of the eSafe range designed to enhance the exterior of homes and workplaces.

The Dropbox eSafe is made from sturdy 3mm aluminium and comes in Small and Medium sizes. These parcel post boxes are equipped with shock-absorbing foam to ensure parcels drop gently and their contents arrive intact. The trap system contributes further to the high-quality appearance of this eSafe.

Apart from the obvious difference in volume, the parcels and letters deposited are collected from a different side for each. The small version opens at the back, whereas the medium opens at the front, making it possible to mount it on a wall. This makes it perhaps a more practical option than the small version however both will have their uses depending on the intended purpose of each.

The Fenix Front eSafe is made from 5mm aluminium sheet. The size of this parcel box enables multiple parcels to be received safely and also retrieved thanks to a digital combination lock. It also offers a separate compartment for letters. This is a feature unique to the Fenix model and enables the box to contain both letters and packages. Add to that the security of the digital combination lock and the Fenix is one of our best and most secure parcel post boxes.

The Fenix Top eSafe comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes and allows letters to be delivered via a top-opening trap system. The Large model offers an extra vertical letterbox flap and removable double bottom, which is great when you want to add storage to your parcel letterbox. Conversely, the Small and Medium models include a top-opening flap with delayed closure and shock-absorbing foam to ensure parcels drop gently into the mailing box.