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Door Handles - 'T' Levers


Door Handles - 'T' Levers

Formani door handles

The T-handle trend gives designers another choice in door hardware to make projects stand out. A uniquely ergonomic option, pull handles are a popular choice in Europe and are being specified more and more here in Australia. If your goal is to create a forward-thinking corporate space with architectural hardware that stands out then the T handle may be an option you have not considered. Likewise, the T handle could be effectively employed in the design of a residential house that would provide interior doors with an interesting point of difference to standard door handles.

Two Tease is proud to represent Formani, a global luxury brand from the Netherlands. The collection includes Red Dot Design Award winning handles by Dutch designer Piet Boon. Be inspired by the clean lines and geometric shames of ARC  by Piet Boon, or the smooth curves of the INC series. For those after a more traditional look, there’s also the TIMELESS range, which is inspired by the designs of the early 20th Century, as far back as 1910. And if understated simplicity matches your stylistic approach, then the ONE and TWO ranges might include something that will suit your goals.

Whatever your taste in door handles may be, at Two Tease we pride ourselves on being the number one supplier of luxury T handles in the Sydney area. These wonderful Formani designs have something for everyone. From the warmth of a traditional brass or worn gold finish to the more industrial black, white and stainless steel finishes, we have colour schemes that match every taste and overall design aesthetic when it comes to the selection of door handles.

We invite you to explore their range at our studio, including the FORMANI PVD black and stainless-steel finishes.