16 February, 2021

Antimicrobial Solid Brass Handles

The whole world is looking for a solution to COVID-19. M&T say they’ve found it.

It’s time to return to copper-rich brass for public transport, people’s homes, and especially health buildings.

It is not commonly known that a metal exists that kills bacteria directly on contact without the need for disinfectants. On most hard surfaces, viruses — including the one now plaguing the planet — can live for four to five days. But when viruses and bacteria attach themselves to copper and its alloys, such as solid brass, they are eliminated within hours.

Antimicrobial Solid Brass Handles

Solid copper-rich brass is a highly antimicrobial product

Used for over 20 years by European premium architectural hardware specialists, M&T, solid brass quickly and efficiently disposes of any bacteria and viruses trapped on its surface, many times faster than silver-containing materials and surfaces, known as a powerful bacteria-killers.

All M&T products labelled with material of massive brass, contain at least 60% copper and are the perfect destroyer of all viruses and bacteria.

Worker in M&T factory creating antimicrobial solid brass handles

The time has come to bring back brass

For over 20 years, M&T has been producing door and window handles made of copper alloy C 28000 with an average declared copper content of 60%.

In recent months, sales of solid brass door handles have experienced an unexpected boom. M&T’s “golden” solid brass handles are attracting huge interest around the world and their number of export orders has increased to unprecedented levels.

antimicrobial solid brass rods to make covid-safe door handles

Thousands of years of health

Ancient civilizations knew the benefits of copper. In China it was called “qi”, a symbol of health, and the Egyptians called it “akhn,” a symbol of eternal life.

Gradually, however, copper was displaced by a wave of new materials during the 20th century. Plastics, toughened glass, aluminium and stainless steel were thought to be the materials of the future, used everywhere, from cell phones to skyscrapers. Massive brass doorhandles and handrails fell out of fashion as architects and designers gradually replaced them with other innovative materials and a new range of colours.

raw copper rich covid-safe antimicrobial handles

The copper in brass kills bacteria and viruses

Copper has antimicrobial properties, which means it can kill micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. However, micro-organisms must come into direct contact with copper for this to work. Brand-new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that copper may be effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. The study showed that after four hours, the virus was no longer infectious on the surface of the copper. By comparison, the coronavirus was still infectious on plastic surfaces after 72 hours.

Mimimal natural finish solid brass anti-virus handle

Brass handles destroy viruses

When brass is made as an alloy from at least 60% copper, it effectively destroys bacteria. Stainless steel, composed of 88% iron and 12% chromium, does little to prevent the growth of bacteria. In most parts of the world today, it is too late to stop the spread of the coronavirus with copper. However, understanding that it is inevitable that our future will bring further global pandemics, we owe it to ourselves to use copper in health care, public buildings, and transportation, as well as our own housing.

Enterro solid brass anti-virus handle in polished finish

“Golden” brass is a noble material with permanence and sustainability

The era of disposable homewares and constantly seeking the next shiny new thing has passed. Patina is on trend and good quality solid brass handles are easily recognisable on doors because of their “golden” appearance that can darken as they age if an antique finish is chosen. Solid brass handles are naturally hard-wearing, manufactured with 100% natural material without any additional coatings. This eco-friendly material has a long life-time and can also be 100% recycled.

Sogut lever handle by M&T in antique brass finish

A lifetime guarantee

M&T produces handles made of uncoated solid brass in three surface types: polished, natural and antique.

Thanks to the characteristics of the material, M&T provide a lifetime guarantee on the surface of these products. Solid brass door handles from M&T are both antimicrobial and sustainable, with very long lifetime.

Enterro unfinished brass handle prevents covid-19 spread

Copper and brass information and quality criteria

M&T uses certified copper alloy C 28000 / CW509L with an average declared copper content of 60%. With no EU binding directives or standards about copper, M&T’s information about the copper content of their solid uncoated brass products is based on information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or USEPA for short. The USEPA is a credible and specialised source of information in this area. Under the Federal Government of the United States of America, the agency is charged with protecting human health and the environment.

Rocksor solid brass handle with patina

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Registered copper antimicrobial alloys

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