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Door Handles - Pull Handles


Door Handles - Pull Handles

Once you have picked out the perfect front door or internal door, it’s time to choose a door pull that gives you the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality. The Two Tease collection of premium door pulls combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style and includes luxury designs from European artisans.

Door pulls make the right first impression

The hardware you choose for your door gives designers the opportunity to make a first and lasting impression before visitors have even entered the building or the room. One of the designers with whom industry leader Formani collaborates, Piet Boon, said of the front door pull handle that it forms the handshake and first impression of the property.

The practicality of the front door pull handles are perhaps even more important than the aesthetics, however. We recommend ensuring that the one you like the look of is something you can imagine using repeatedly every day. How does it feel in the hand? How will it stand the test of time?

European modern door pulls

Two Tease is proud to offer a contemporary edit of the front door pull handles by European manufacturers Formani, Jolie and M&T. From Formani’s multi-award winning ECLIPSE range made in collaboration with designer David Rockwell through to the sleek simplicity of M&T’s MINIMAL line, we have a range of modern tastes covered.

However, if a more traditional look is more your speed, we also have plenty of options to reflect those tastes. The ever-popular TIMELESS range from Formani is inspired by the designs of the early 20th century, going back as far as 1910. Even the choice of finish can reflect an old school aesthetic, with burnished bronze and copper options giving the impression of an antique history to your handles.

So whatever your design goals and aesthetic preferences may be, Two Tease will have you covered. We invite you to come and explore our range in our Artarmon Studio to make sure you choose a door pull that you or your clients will love for years to come. Don’t hesitate to ask our experienced designers to help you with any questions about trends and matching the perfect door pull with the rest of your entryway.