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Lever Handle - Solid Brass


Lever Handle - Solid Brass

M&T is a multi-award winning manufacturer that matches quality with design in their premium solid brass handles and accessories. The range includes the new Magnetic, an innovative door closing system, awarded the double Red Dot Red Dot accolade for design excellence.

M&T’s  Titanium Finish  grants it’s lever handles with extroadinary durability. It becomes highly resistant to corrosion, wear, scratches and tear and as a result has a longer lifespan than any other finish.  It is perfectly suited for external scenarios (like coastal areas) as it protects against various weather conditions like rain, salt and UV rays making it completely maintenance free as well.

In addition to the durable quality of the end product, the titanium finish is more environmentally friendly than alternative coating processes.

We invite you to explore our luxury door handles below, or at our studio.