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Magnetic Door Closing System M&T Magnetics – Magnetic Catch

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Product Information

Brand: M&T Magnetics
Designer: Roman Ulich
Sold As: Magnetic for Door + Magnetic Block Adjustable for Wall

The patented M&T Magnetic door closing system provides perfect reliability and comfort control. It requires no maintenance or service and it is a pleasure to use, every day.This innovative door control system works without handle, lock, or any electronics. A series of very strong magnets is placed in the door frame and then in door leaf a block from magnetic stainless steel is added. When the door is closed, the 2 parts approach each other and ensure a smooth, perfect closing using the magnetic force.

The Magnetics reliably control and close the door but without locking it. The range also includes mini locks with a WC/bathroom option and a secure lock with a cylinder. The system is primarily intended for interior doors .Magnetic is a patented system with precise door control adjustments that works for all kinds of doors, including European-style type jamb door frames. For new buildings and renovations, Magnetic is installed in the door frame with a magnetic block used as a counter plate. Magnetic can be installed by a professional joiner in an existing door to replace a classic door lock.

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Finish Option
  • [Steel] Satin Stainless Steel
    108651(Sni) + 108668 (Grinded Stainless)
  • White
    110609 + 110616
  • [Black] Matt Black
    108613 + 108620
  • Overall Length
    196 mm
  • Width
    16 mm
  • Height
    20 mm
  • Centre to Centre
    182 mm