30 August, 2022


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Robinson’s Run sits below a stone escapement on the Wodi Wodi Country. Originally conceived as a weekender, the brief shifted after bushfire devestated the property in 2019. The clients saw an opporunity to regenerate the whole propoerty and continue the story of this site.  Robinson’s run was also shortlised for the 2022 Houses Awards in the “New Houses over 200 square metres category”. 

Dom Bennett (Director) & Paul Barton (Project Lead) from Bennett Murada Architects consulted with Lisa Tuersley at the Two Tease Architectural Hardware showroom.
“They were drawn to M&T handles on display, confirming their  preference of the natural brass finish found in the M&T collection, which aligned with the projects design aesthetic and the architect‘s ethos of honesty of material and sensual experiences .  Choosing the perfect door handle shape was easy when the Sogut’s shape & ergonomic shape delighted everyone. The placement of the thumb fits perfectly in Sogut’s contours. It is the perfect handle to the touch, and met all the architect’s criteria,”

says Kevin Tuersley, authorised dealer of M&T in Australia and New Zealand (Two Tease Architectural Hardware) 

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M&T Lever Handles  


The handle has a non-magnetic rose and a choice of 8 surface finishes including Titanium Black, Titanium Matt Brass, Titanium Matt Brown and Titanium Matt Chrome. It has a guarantee from 3 till 15 years, depending on the type of surface. With a Manufactory Mechanics M 200 for the rose, it prevents bending and cracking in the lock area with simple and fast assembly.  

It also comes with a magnetic rose.

  • SOGUT MS Without Privacy (long 300dpi)
    Natural Brass (Ms) with AGB lock


“In a project where sensory experience is primary, interaction with the right door furniture is important.  Not only should the ‘look’ be consistent with the natural patina of the constructed material palette, but the handle must ‘feel’ crafted to a high quality, and operate effortlessly in the hand. The Sogut handle achieves both.”

– Dom Bennett


Titanium Coating 

What makes M&T stands out from the market is their titanium finishes for their lever handles, a technological process that coats their products with a hard, chemically tables film using methods PVD and PACVD ( Plasma Assisted Chemical vapour Deposition). A thin layer of 2 micornes has several advantages, which makes it so exceptional, this ranges from:

  • Extroardinary Hardness: 7 times harder than handles with a protective baked enamel
  • High resistance to abrasian and scratching: Cannot be damaged /  scratched with normal use
  • Colours and chemical stability: The surface even after many years have the same colour
  • Corrosion: Quality applied coatings are only slightly microporous, which prevents the penetration of small particles to materials of handles and thus the formation of corrosion.


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Bennett Murada Architects | Buildine Constructions 


Shortlisted for the 2022 Houses Awards in the “New House over 200 sq metres” category


Robinson’s Run is located under a stone cliff in the Wodi Wodi country near Budgong. Budgong, with a population of 87, is a really small rural town in New South Wales, located approximately 125 km from the capital city of Sydney. The house was originally conceived as a weekend house, but everything changed shortly after the property was destroyed by a bushfire in 2019. The owners decided to renovate the house and build a new one, exactly to their ideas. Originally, the five-bedroom house,  provides now  boutique short-term accommodation with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.   This stunning home set over three levels is constructed from a range materials including rammed earth, metal, concrete and glass with the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and bushland that has regenerated from the recent bushfires being taken in from every room.


The owners approached architects with a vision. The goal was to create a residence that would be in harmony with the land and the surrounding landscape. Aligned with the idea of immersion in the experience of the Australian Bush, the constructed material palette is tactile, raw, timeless and durable, allowing finishes to settle into place over time. This enriches the sensual experience of drawing aside a mesh shower curtain, the sound of rain on the roof, the hand-feel of a beautifully crafted door handle, the smell of timber, and the cool glow of concrete.  Sustainability is also focused on appropriate solar orientation and protection, material selections such as rammed earth (which has a low embodied energy with fantastic thermal mass characteristics, is non-toxic and naturally termite resistant), rainwater capture and reuse, solar collection and storage. Robinson’s Run is testament to what can be achieved through genuine collaboration between Architect, Interior Designer, craftsmen, and builders The result is unashamedly Australian without being artificial, sustainable without being obviously green, and prioritising sensory experience over opulence.


says architect, Dominic Bennett on part of the entire team at Bennett Murada Architects.

Photogprahy: Brett Boardman
Buildline Constructions
Bennett Murada Architects

Designer Director:  John Wilkin 
Project Lead: Paul Barton
Interiors Lead: Sarah Canavan

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