12 November, 2020

Handles that work with interior design curves

Interior design curves are on trend and mirrored perfectly in these round door knobs, curvy lever handles, round cabinet handles, curved hinges and more...

One of the key design trends that has taken many by surprise this year is the return of the curve. In contrast with the Scandi and Japanese influenced straight lines and sleek, minimalist shapes of the last few years, now we are seeing the softening of interiors with curvy shapes and organic, rounded edges, giving interiors a more relaxed and welcoming feel.

A sure sign that the curve is back is the fact that softer and more organic forms were everywhere on The Block 2020. Luke and Jasmin’s bathroom incorporated a curved wall and round skylight and their kitchen included a timber clad curved wall and benchtop, extending the theme into their gardens as well. Daniel and Jade added the sculptural curves of a Christian Cole benchtop and dining area, while Sarah and George softened their Dolomite stone island bench with a curved corner. Curved forms are also dominating the exteriors, with curved seating areas and walls featuring heavily.

There’s no denying that a sweeping curve can be visually stunning. But is there more to it than that?

Creating safe, reassuring spaces

“The correct curve or circle will make you feel safe and protected such as when seating is located within the inner radius of a strong curved wall that wraps around you,” said Steve Warner of Outhouse Designs in a recent Houzz interview.

The Block’s Shayna Blaze also believes that the events taking place outside of our homes make us ready for a softer, gentler look inside.

“Now that we’re in a bit of an unsure world, we’re going a lot more organic,” The Block judge, Shayna Blaze said in a recent article, “Organic shapes are a reflection of our nature and help us in feeling comfortable and not structured and I think a move toward that like we’re seeing now has a lot to do with what the world is going through in the past couple of years.”

5 ways to add curves in home decor

If you are renovating or building, a curved wall or island bench is going to be right on trend this year. Curves are also featuring strongly in smaller details as well. Mirroring their curved walls, we saw The Block’s Luke and Jasmin incorporate a round skylight, showing how a curved theme can be carried throughout a space.

Gentler shapes in details like door handles and even hinges can be used to continue a curved theme or soften existing lines. Whether you want to complement the majestic sweep of an architectural curved wall or kitchen bench, or add smaller rounded touches to a space, here are five ways you can add curves to your design.

1. A round front door knob

Jolie Lune front door knob Aged Gold in Bayside Built Marrickville project

“The door handle is the handshake of the building”

said Juhani Pallasmaa, and of course it is the introduction to what the visitor is going to feel and see as they enter a home. Where better to start your curved theme than with a round handle? We suggest Lune  by Jolie, with its handmade appeal thanks to its sand-cast artisan manufacture processes. Lune was selected by Bayside Built for their Marrickville Oasis project, using the Aged Gold finish to create a striking contrast against the black front door.

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Bosco doorknob in polished stainless steel or brass

No-one is going to miss the statement made by this Bosco door knob by Formani. New to our showroom, the Bosco is available in an imposing 138mm diameter knob or as a smaller option at 55mm. It is available in a choice of unlacquered brass, polished stainless steel or satin stainless-steel finishes. The smaller option can be used as a handle that turns to open the door or a pull handle, whereas the larger version is a simply a static pull handle used to close the door and as stunning decoration.

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2. Gently curving lever handles for internal doors

Not only do they look great, the gentle curves of these lever handles harmoniously echo any larger scale curves in the home. They also have great ergonomic appeal, fitting easily and comfortably in the hand.

Here are two of the popular options you can discover in the Two Tease showroom:

CESAN – a solid brass lever handle by M&T. The CESAN door handle offers ten different surface finishes including Titanium Black (shown here), Titanium Brass Matt, Titanium Brown Matt & Titanium Chrome Matt.

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M&T Cesan Lever Handle Cr-K

BASICS LBXX by Formani is another take on the curved theme, a solid stainless steel lever handle characterised by an organic, tapering curved form and finishes including Satin Gold PVD.

> See the whole BASICS collection from FORMANI here.

BASICS LB20 lever handle IM Thumbnail

3. Curved concealed hinges

You can even carry through your curved theme into the hinges used for your doors. The argenta invisible neo concealed hinges are described as the hinges for designers and are available in eleven different finishes to match the rest of your hardware, or even the door itself if you prefer.

Unlike standard ‘butt’ hinges these concealed hinges have an aesthetically pleasing curved design that will subtly echo any other curved shapes you incorporate in your interior.

From a practical point of view during installation, the routing tool used for hinges, locks, latches and pivots has a round bit. The curves throughout our range of hinges, pivots and locks makes installation so much easier as well as having the look that designers love.

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Invisible Neo S5 Glossy Chrome (70000066) Web

4. Round cabinet handles

Jolie Lune round cabinet handles in Aged Gold

For a “whole house” aesthetic, try the little siblings of the Lune doorknob above. Lune cabinet knobs are made of sand-cast solid brass in a choice of two sizes and four finishes: Aged Gold, Old Silver, Aged Bronze and Black. In this Balmain renovation the client chose the Aged Gold finish for a timeless pairing with white joinery.

5. Round door stops

The Core solid brass doorstop by Jolie is a premium sand cast solid brass doorstop handcrafted by European artisans and available in Aged Bronze, Aged Gold, Old Silver and Black.

Paying attention to even the smallest detail will help your design feel like a more unified, coherent and harmonious whole. Another option available to fans of curves is using a round doorstop from the same collection as your door and cabinet handles. These little round gems are from the Core collection by Jolie, available in Black, Aged Bronze, Old Silver and Aged Gold to coordinate perfectly with the rest of the Jolie range.

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For more ideas on how to embrace your curves, check out our Pinterest board ‘Round handles and organic curves’.

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