26 November, 2020

Timeless handles for period renovations

Renovating or restoring a period home is a balancing act, staying true to the charm of an era but including enough contemporary functionality and style to suit a modern lifestyle.

Successful renovations of heritage properties today are about bringing existing period features back to life and also reinstating details that may have been removed in the intervening years. And, of course, getting those details right.

During the 1980s many old buildings were modernised in a way that removed all of the beautiful details that gave them character. Features such as ceiling roses, fireplaces and picture rails were eliminated from properties in favour of a sleek but bland minimalism. Fast forward to today, these are exactly the features that homeowners are looking for.

Timeless 1925 by Formani for 1920s house 1920s renovation period renovation or restoration
Timeless 1925 – FORMANI


Research the Details

However, as we saw in the Block 2020, finding the right details for the era you are working with can be a huge challenge. Research is critical, starting with finding out when the property was built and looking for indications of the original style.

Whether you are working with Victorian, Federation, Art Deco, Mid-century or any of the other periods and styles that have come and gone, they all have specific features that can help you understand what the property can look like when you bring it back to its prime.

1815 Timeless handle by Formani for heritage renovation period renovation
Timeless 1815 – FORMANI


Once you have collected together all the images that you can find of everything from windows, bathroom accessories, door hardware, wall coverings and so on, you are ready to start your hunt for the perfect pieces that combine authentic period charm with modern technological needs and contemporary living.

Introducing Timeless by Formani

Luckily, the importance of getting the details right for the end look of the design has been reflected by companies such as Belgian door hardware specialists Formani. Their ‘Timeless’ range is a comprehensive handle collection curating designs that have stood the test of time.

The design of the door handles in the Timeless collection can be traced back to the 1815-1950 period. The models are each named after the year after which they are fashioned, making it easy to add the final finishing touches to complement your project.

1935 timeless handle by formani for 1930s home 1930s renovation
Timeless 1935 – FORMANI


Combining authenticity with contemporary functionality

Authenticity defines the entire Timeless series, which took into consideration original designs with flat rosettes and shields, fastenings with screws, materials such as brass as a base material – sometimes completed with ebony – and original finishes in matte or glossy nickel and unlacquered brass.

Where required, these authentic designs are then combined with contemporary functionality such as SKG*** safety fittings, spring mechanisms, and special PVD coatings for protection for outdoor use.

We invite you to explore the Formani Timeless range here,  or visit us in our showroom.

Timeless 1948 handle by Formani for 1940s renovation in 1940s house
Timeless 1948 – FORMANI


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