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Polaris 2XT | Euro Lock (50) AGB | Magnetic – Internal Doors

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Product Information

Brand: AGB Mortice Locks
Series: POLARIS 2XT Magnetic Locks
Sold with: Minimal Plus XT adjustable Magnetic Striker OR Easy-Matic Striker Adjustable

AGB Polaris 2xt magnetic lock product information

The AGB Polaris 2XT Magnetic Euro Lock is a magnetic movement lock from Italian lock specialists AGB. It is a great choice for modern internal doors, thanks to its lean minimalist design. The key benefits of the Polaris 2XT are silent closing and the precision of the mechanical couplings creating exceptionally fluid handle and key movements.

Weather resistant - Polaris is a smart magnetic lock that stands up to the most difficult weather conditions. Innovative materials ensure the functionality of the lock, even in the extremes of the Australian climate and despite humidity, dust or chemical agents.

Latch symmetry - The magnetic and symmetric latch makes the lock non-handed avoiding the problem of latch reverse.

8 Finishes to tailor the look - The AGB Polaris 2XT magnetic privacy lock is available in 8 finishes to match any door or overall interior design. it is available in black, polished brass, antique brass, matte chrome, matte nickel, satin nickel and white.

*All Prices are including GST
*Stock is held in our Sydney warehouse.
*Price includes the POLARIS 2XT Magnetic lock + best matched striker. Ring for more detail if required.

Minimal Plus XT Magnetic Striker Adjustable
Easy-Matic Striker Adjustable

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Finish Option
  • [Black] Satin Black
    B06103.50.93 + B02402.28.93
  • [Brass] Enamelled Brass Plated
    B06103.50.03 + B02402.28.03
  • [Brass] Antique Brass
    B06103.50.12 + B01402.90.12
  • [Bronze] Enamelled Bronze Plated
    B06103.50.22 + B02402.28.93
  • [Chrome] Matt Chrome
    B06103.50.34 + B02402.28.34
  • [Nickel] Satin Nickel
    B06103.50.13 + B02402.28.06
  • [Nickel] Nickel Plated
    B06103.50.06 + B02402.28.06
  • White
    B06103.50.FM + B02402.28.FM
  • Overall Length
    196 mm
  • Width
    50.5 mm
  • Height
    14 mm