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Router Jigs

AGB Lock Template Kit (60) 247WOOD | 1300 + 1302 + 1302

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Product Information

Brand: 247 WOOD
Sold As: Kit
Compatible with: AGB Polaris 2XT, AGB Mediana, AGB Touch, AGB Revolution XT (60mm Backsets)

247wood router jig kits to make AGB locks installaton fast and easy. The lock template set is completed through combining the SKS Front Plate (1300) and the SKS Side Plate Backsets (1302). Compatible with standard AGB 60mm backests. A lock template for AGB locks with 50mm backsets is also available. Router guide bushes and groove cutters are also available. Choose the size that matches with the jig model.

*All Prices are included with GST
*Mandrel: 60.5mm
*Pitch Size: 96mm

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Finish Option
  • 1300 + 1302
  • Overall Length
    113 mm
  • Width
    74 mm
  • Height
    260 mm