15 May, 2023

6 Best Environmentally-Friendly FORMANI Door Handles and Hardware Products

As more people become aware of their impact on the environment, the demand for environmentally friendly products, including door handles and other architectural hardware, continues to rise.

Choosing eco-conscious hardware not only reduces your carbon footprint but also supports sustainable greenmanufacturing practices. In this blog,  a list of six environmentally friendly door handles and matching hardware products is put together to demonstrate products that prioritize sustainability, minimal environmental impact, and the use of eco-conscious materials.

1. RIVIO by Product Design Consultant Gensler

The RIVIO collection door handles are not only elegantly designed but also crafted for a better ergonomic grip. The collection includes two variants – one with a curved shape and the other with a 90-degree angle towards the neck and rosette. The handle arm is made from a recycled stainless steel rod that’s cut in half, with both halves used for different door handles to reduce waste.

Additionally, harmful substances and waste during the finishing process are minimized to prioritize environmental sustainability. This collection is available in four luxurious (eco-friendly) finishes, making it a perfect and durable hardware choice for any interior or building.

RIVIO Sustainable Production



2. ONE by Piet Boon

0028 Formani Factory LowRes

The ONE by Piet Boon collection is the most iconic collection of all time, consisting of door hardware such as L-shaped and T-shaped door handles on rosettes or plates, door accessories, and security plates, window hardware such as tilt and turn fittings, furniture accessories, and other accessories.

This eco-friendly solid collection is made from high quality recycled stainless steel. The waste generated during handle production (industrial scrap) is reused through a hot forging shaping method to create the rosettes. With minimal waste, this is an efficient production process that prioritizes sustainability. The collection is available in a range of colors, including satin stainless steel, matte black powder coat, PVD matte black, bronze powder coat, PVD matte gold, and matte white powder coat.



3. ECLIPSE by David Rockwell

The ECLIPSE collection is renowned for its high-quality door handles that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly materials. These handles are crafted from a single piece of premium recycled stainless steel, and reusable molds are used to minimize waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

The collection includes door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware, and additional architectural hardware accessories, all available in four best-selling finishes that are coloured using sustainable finish technologies.



4. NOUR by Edward van Vliet

The NOUR collection boasts an international aesthetic with modular design features. It is the only collection that allows for interchangeable handles in different colors. All components are made from recycled stainless steel and poured into various reusable molds to minimize waste. The collection includes door hardware, window hardware, and furniture hardware, all produced sustainably with minimal environmental impact. The standard color options include polished stainless steel, satin black powder-coat, and PVD satin gold, with an option to replace the handle part in a satin white handle or interchange the golden or black handles.



5. RIBBON by Bob Manders

The RIBBON collection is a true innovation in the world of rosette-less door handles, with a handgrip made from a single piece of recycled stainless steel. The eco-friendly handle is attached to a unique bayonet fitting instead of a rosette on the door, made from the waste produced during the handle’s production. This efficient production process minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability.

This smaller, but total concept collection includes door, window, and furniture hardware, available in matte stainless steel (brushed) and powder-coated black.




The Basics collection from FORMANI offers an affordable option for those who want high-quality hardware with a lower budget. Despite being hollow, these designs don’t compromise on durability or sustainability. The finishes available in this collection are selected from our standard range and applied using eco-friendly methods. To view our complete Basics hardware collection, visit our online catalogue.



In summary, choosing eco-friendly door handles is a great way to promote sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. Our top 6 environmentally friendly door handles offer a diverse range of styles without compromising on sustainability. However, this doesn’t mean that our other collections don’t take sustainability and eco-conscious consumerism into account. Whether you’re an architect or interior designer, consider these options when selecting sustainable and stylish door handles.

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