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Door Handles


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The fitting presented on the market in 2013 immediately became a bestseller on the Central European market. The top offer of fitting Minimal & Maximal is with its complexity the number one in the world of handles. It is for all of us who know that detail matters and require the greatest possible comfort and design consistency in the project. For its innovative design and complex product line with a clear target: The whole project - one design, won the fitting Minimal & Maximal a prestigious international design prize red dot Design award winner 2013. This award won our company as the only one in the country's history and as one of a few in the world.
Design: Roman Ulich
The fitting Minimal is designed and constructed with an invisible flowing rosette, made of massive brass, with a choice of 9 colours & surfaces, with a wide range of complementary products at the same design and colours used for all types of doors and windows, guaranteed by 3-15 years depending on the type design, with a quality mechanics M 2011 used for the interior and exterior doors.


Finish Option
  • Brass
    055115 Ms
  • Bronze
    000047 TiN-B
  • Black
    000054 TiN-K
  • Satin Nickel
    000009 Sni
  • Brushed
    000016 Sni Grinded
  • Grey
    000030 TiN-C
  • Chrome
    000023 Cr
  • Overall Length
    145 mm
  • Width
    33 mm
  • Height
    43 mm

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