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Door Handles - Levers

MIMOLIMIT lever handle

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Product Information

The MIMOLIMIT lever handle is a solid brass + solid wood door handle designed by Barbora Skorpilova. The designer described the handle as a "timeless elegant wooden handle, which is a pleasure to hold in hand. It has an elementary shape and a natural ability to age well with the interior." The MIMOLIMIT Lever handle is made of brass, with a choice of 7 colours & surfaces, a wide range of timbers and complementary products in the same design. The handle has a guarantee of 3-15 years, depending on the design. The handle includes M 2006 mechanics and is suitable for interior and exterior doors.
Structurally is used the pressed springs system, which is excellent for its stability and quiet use.


Finish Option
  • Natural Brass
    054590 Ms
  • Titanium Black
    85787 TiN-K
  • Nickel Matt Grinded
    85664 SNi Grinded
  • Satin Nickel
    087284 SNi
  • Titanium Chrome Matt
    85725 TiN-C
  • Titanium Brown Matt
    85848 TiN-B
  • Glossy Chrome
    022155 Cr
  • Overall Length
    153 mm
  • Width
    54 mm
  • Height
    56 mm

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