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Door Handles


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The handle designed by Barbora Skorpilova is by her characterized as a "timeless elegant wooden handle, which is a pleasure to hold in hand. It has an elementary shape and a natural ability to age well with the interior." The fitting is made of brass, with a choice of 7 colours & surfaces, a wide range of wood and complementary products in the same design, with a guarantee of 3-15 years, depending on the design, with good mechanics M 2006 used for the interior and exterior doors.
The fitting presented in 2009 represents a constant design and material innovation at M&T. Surfaces and materials used in this collection ie. surface TiN-B titanium brown matt, in a combination of massive wood + metal, using material Alu compact, they are always on the very top of contemporary design. The fitting MIMOLIMIT designed by Barbora Škorpilová with many complements repeatedly meets its application in the most prestigious projects in well-known locations in the world. Structurally is used the pressed springs system, which is excellent for its stability between the handle and lock, with a quiet running


Finish Option
  • Brass
    054590 Ms
  • Black
    000269 TiN-K
  • Satin Nickel
    000221 Sni Grinded
  • Satin Nickel
    000214 Sni
  • Grey
    000245 TiN-C
  • Bronze
    000252 TiN-B
  • Chrome
    000238 Cr
  • Overall Length
    153 mm
  • Width
    54 mm
  • Height
    56 mm

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