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Hinges - Concealed Hinges

argenta® universal milling plate & aluminium inserts

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Product Information

argenta® has developed the universal argenta milling template for making the correct cut-outs for all argenta invisible fittings as well as the normal argenta hinges quickly and easily using a router.
A basic set* consists of:
A. 3 x black plastic base plates
B. 2 x black plastic stop blocks

Order this as a supplement:
C. 3 x brushed aluminium plates**
*Suitable for doors with 3 hinges: if they wish to use 4 hinges, they need to place an extra order of 2 x brushed aluminium plates according to the type of the hinge + 2 x black plastic base plates

**For each type of hinge there is a specific aluminium template (filler plate) of brushed aluminium. We don’t deliver aluminium templates (filler plates) with the basic set of the universal milling template.

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