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Concept collection for door, window and furniture fittings made by designers. Multi-award winning global luxury brand specialised in architectural hardware.

Two Tease is proud to be the Australian national distributor for the Formani handles brand. An innovative company based in the Netherlands, Formani handles are a European and worldwide industry leader in high-end and luxury architectural hardware. Prioritising modern design aesthetics but using old-school craftsmanship to guarantee the quality of the product, Formani are the ideal company to help us bring designer doorware to the Australian public. The Formani designer range uses a sustainable manufacturing process with 75% of the product made from industrial scrap.

To ensure product quality is maintained the range of products extends to 18 different Formani handle styles. The company works with both in-house designers and established international designers to create handles that are designed to stand out or blend in as per the requirements of the customer. The latest design consultation has been undertaken with Gensler, a world-renowned architectural, interiors and planning firm in 53 locations to produce the Rivio Collection, which launched on 16th February 2023.

This also includes their recent award-winning collaboration with American designer David Rockwell, whose “Eclipse” designer doorware collection has won the Red Dot Design Award in 2021 as well as the Australian Good Design Award this year. Rockwell Group is based in New York with offices in Los Angeles and Madrid. The interdisciplinary architecture and design firm emphasises innovation and thought leadership in every project.

This method was obviously quite effective when combined with Formani handles as it resulted in the award-winning Eclipse line, which we carry in-store. The judge of the prominent Red Dot Design award commented: “Ergonomically sophisticated and unconventional in its design, this door handle series proves equally impressive in practice.”

Other collaborations include Piet Boon who has designed four separate styles with the company. They share a mutual passion for designer doorware and see it as an essential part of any project and give a first impression when entering a room, almost like the first handshake with the building. The clean lines and geometric designs of the Formani handles by Piet Boon collections are pure, iconic, recognizable and yet neutral. The models originated from the vision to explore a different design language, but one which is in harmony with the identity of Studio Piet Boon.

Formani handles are a consistently excellent brand with high attention to detail and respect for aesthetics. This much is obvious when perusing their catalogue, which is presented more like an elegant coffee-table book than the glossy, cheaply made pulp publications that word usually conjures images of.

Entitled “Obsessed With Details” it not only includes the full range of Formani handles but also information on the processes behind each design, features on their collaborations with designers and information on their design philosophy. Ask our friendly team about a product presentation to obtain a copy and have a look for yourself!

Formani handles are to be found in a huge variety of interior settings and architecture worldwide. From beautiful homes to business and hospitality projects, Formani handles are a quality product. Across Europe, Africa, America and Asia, Formani handles have been used as a benchmark for designer doorware. Here at Two Tease, we are proud to be associated with this quality brand as their exclusive distributor in Australia with retailers across the country sharing the love and excitement of the collection.