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Magnetic door catches

AGB Touch Magnetic Door Catch

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Product Information

The AGB Touch is a patented magnetic door catcher made in Italy by AGB. The catching force can be adjusted and guaranteed for any distance between the sash and the frame. Benefits include:
Absolute freedom of handle choice, minimal design with no visible screws and a patented adjustable system of catching force.
Opening the door becomes the most natural gesture. On the push side, Touch allows you to open the door by a simple push: a touch! On the other side, just pull with any handle.

A new concept in magnetic closing
Once closed, the door stays in a closed position thanks to the magnetic force. Contactless closing without the need for a standard latch.

Unleash the designer’s creativity!
With Touch, the handle is released from the unlock function: it just helps to push and pull the door. The designer’s creativity is free to create new handle shapes and to integrate the handle in the door design.

Available in Grey, Black and White.

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Finish Option
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Overall Length
    196 mm