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Router Jigs

Additional Router Template | 1037 247WOOD | For FIS Basis kits

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Product Information

Brand: 247WOOD
Sold As: Single Unit

Additional hinge router templates for doors that have more than 2 hinges. Used for the ARGENTA Invisible Neo S-5 router template and the AGB Eclipse 3.2 router template.

With this FIS (Freesmal Invisible Hinge) you lay the foundation for routing invisible hinges. Due to the FIS Basic stop cam at the rear, the hinge is always situated correctly both from the door side and frame side. This makes the stepped hinge easy to cut and works with any type of router.

*All Prices are included with GST
*Only suitable for rebate depth corresponding to door thickness
*Not applicable for frames with hinged hollow

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Finish Option
  • 1037
  • Overall Length
    269 mm
  • Width
    160 mm