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Sliding Door Handles


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MINIMAL Sliding Pull handle made of massive brass, with a choice of 9 surfaces and colours, with a guarantee of 3 to 15 years depending on the design, used for all variants of locks. As well we offer models for glass doors.
Pull handles for the sliding doors M&T are ready in 5 design series, where each series has its own characteristic of using. The great advantage of NRz stainless steel pull handles is also the variant in titanium black matt TiN-K. Pull handles Entero SNI are in the variant with WC bendy mechanism and the sliding door can slide across without limitation. The pull handles Maya are in versions for all types of locks with different locking options. The pull handles of series Minimal/Maximal offer all the above mentioned advantages and are available in the all surface finishes and that makes them the absolute leader not only at M&T.


Finish Option
  • Bronze
    001259 TiN-B
  • Brass
    060836 Ms
  • Black
    001266 TiN-K
  • Satin Nickel
    001211 Sni
  • Satin Nickel
    001228 Sni Grinded
  • Grey
    001242 TiN-C
  • Chrome
    001235 Cr
  • Overall Length
    141 mm
  • Width
    39 mm
  • Height
    3.5 mm