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Door Stops


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Door stops M&T in the proposed designs meet the demanding requirements of investors for a perfect harmony with the interior door fittings at the same design and colours.
The door stops Minimal/Maximal are the clear choice for design lovers, where also such details as a door stop, you can design your individual design placing any material in the visible part of the stopper.
Made from solid brass the finish options include Stain Nickel, Stain Nickel Grinded, Chrome & Titanium in various colours.


Finish Option
  • Black
    003321 TiN-K
  • Old Silver
    003277 SNi
  • Old Silver
    003284 SNi Grinded
  • Grey
    003307 TiN-C
  • Chrome
    003291 Cr
  • Bronze
    062588 Ms
  • Bronze
    003314 TiN-B
  • Overall Length
    32 mm
  • Width
    27 mm
  • Height
    30 mm

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