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Hinges - door pivots

argenta® Pivotica Pro 100 self-closing pivot hinge

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Product Information

Pivotica Pro 100 is a self-closing pivot hinge for interior pivot doors up to 100kg, providing soft-close and wall protection.
Pivotica Pro is designed for interior pivot doors weighing 100kg or 150kg. It is lighter and less expensive than other models on the market and because the pivot system is placed inside the door, this self-closing pivot hinge is ideal for today's new builds or renovations.
Thanks to its compact size, the Pivotica Pro is quick and easy to install and is the perfect solution whether you are using single, double or floor-to-ceiling doors. It will hold the door at 90 degrees or closed and it is suitable for floors with underfloor heating.
Pivotica Pro offers a choice of hinge position thanks to its extra bracket. If the hinge is positioned in the centre of the door, the maximum door width is 2000mm. For doors that are 2500mm high, we recommend using this pivot hinge in conjunction with the Magnotica magnetic contactless pivot door closer.
Max. Door weight: 100 kg,
Max. Door height: 3000 mm,
Max. Door width: 2000 mm,
Min. door thickness: 40 mm,
Max. opening angel: 150°,
Fix position: +90° / -90°,
Suitable for room high doors,
Active 2 speed damper,
Adjustable floor plate:
Width adjustment: -3 / +3 mm,
Depth adjustment: -3 / +3 mm,
Alignment: -4° / +4°,
Optional: black cover caps

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Finish Option
  • White
    91500023 + 91500017 white
  • Satin Black
    91500023 + 91500027 black
  • Stainless Steel Grinded
    91500023 stainless steel