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Sanitising Station


Sanitising Station

BeSafe is a premium sanitising station with mask and gloves. It is designed for entrance halls in companies, hotels, residential care centres, government offices, retail and showrooms.
It is a stylish premium sanitiser dispensing station that will enhance your décor and your brand with minimalist matt black styling, while providing optimum protection to employees and visitors with hand sanitiser, masks and gloves.

Why chose the BeSafe Sanitising station?

  • This is a hand sanitiser stand with masks and gloves, as well as a sanitiser dispenser
  • Masks are are recommended in public and professional spaces
  • A stylish, premium solution for areas where appearance matters
  • 4-in-1 – hand sanitiser, gloves, mask and integrated waste disposal bin

Are you providing enough protection?

Providing signage and hand sanitiser is critical to protect against Coronavirus  COVID-19, but are these measures enough?
Face masks are now recommended around the world for use by the community to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. While masks are not yet mandatory, recent studies have shown that the virus spreads further through the air than previously thought.
BeSafe Sanitising station with masks and gloves lets you provide optimum protection for your people and your organisation.

Product specifications

  • Hand sanitising stand with masks and gloves
  • Easy refill via lockable door at the back
  • Two separate slots for mask and gloves
  • Integrated waste bin
  • Stainless aluminium standard in Mat Ral 9005 TXT (available in every RAL colour on request)
  • European quality – Belgian made
  • Height 1200mm, Depth 300 mm, Width: 260mm

BeSafe Hand sanitising station with mask and gloves

The best protection against Coronavirus COVID-19 is still to remain at least 1.5 metres distance from other people, wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.
Face masks are helpful in preventing the spread the virus and are becoming mandatory in many areas.
If you need to keep your people and your organisation safe, download the BeSafe Product Information Sheet and contact Two Tease for more details.