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Titanium (PACVD)

15 Year Surface Guarantee

M&T Titanum Matt Chrome finish chip TiN-C

TiN-C – Titanium Matt Chrome
This surface is the hardest and most durable surface from the range of Titanium surfaces and is thus predestined for using outdoors and highly traffic areas. For external and internal use.

Collections available in this finish

TiN-K Titanium Matt Black finish chip

TiN-K – Titanium Matt Black
This is no ordinary black colour, but a metallic black shade which has been in production since 2000 for interior and exterior use.

Collections available in this finish

Titanium Matt Graphite TiN-G Finish Chip

TiN-G – Titanium Matt Graphite
The most widely used physically sputtered surface which, thanks to its steel grey/blue metallic shade, can find use in a wide range of buildings and projects with an emphasis on premium quality and design.

TiN-S Titanium Matt Bronze Finish Chip

TiN-S – Titanium Matt Bronze
Physically sputtered surface required wherever there is an emphasis on tradition, harmony with wood and other natural materials.

TiN-B Titanium Matt Brown Finish Chip

TiN-B – Titanium Matt Brown
In production since 2009 it is increasingly becoming popular with architects and designers with an advance sense of design – for interior and exterior use.

Collections available in this finish

TiN-A Titanium Matt Brass Finish Chip

TiN-A – Titanium Matt Brass
A surface finish that represents a brush brass finish –
for interior and exterior use.

Collections available in this finish

TIN-M Titanium Grinded Copper Finish Chip

TiN-M – Titanium Grinded Copper
Technologically treated surface on a brass product with an old wood effect, hand-brushed 3D structure. A great investment with a lifetime warranty

Titanium Benefits

The surface of the door handles and labels M&T is coated with a hard, chemically stable film using methods PVD and PACVD. This technological process is done under lower pressure in vacuum chambers. In the PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition) process, the coating grows due to heterogeneous chemical reaction on the surface of the substrate. The reaction substances are supplied in the gas phase. These gases are activated in low temperatures plasma where molecules are dissociated and radicals, ions and excited atoms arise. It decreases the activations energy necessary for the chemical reaction so the reaction temperature can be lower. Moreover, the properties of the growing layer can be controlled by the variation of the plasma parameters. In the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process, the coating grows due to deposition of atoms coming from a solid-state target place in the vacuum recipient walls.

The extraordinary hardness

7 times harder than handles with a protective baked enamel

High resistance to abrasion and scratching

Cannot be damaged/scratched with normal use

Colours and chemical stability

The surface even after many years has the same colour.


Quality applied coatings are only slightly microporous, which prevents the penetration of small particles to material of handle and thus the formation of corrosion.


Cotton/Microfibre cloth