12 July, 2021

Meet our Red Dot award-winning architectural hardware designs

At Two Tease, we are passionate about providing the very best in European designer architectural hardware designs. Meet our Red Dot design award winners, the best of the best...

At Two Tease, we are passionate about providing the best of the best in European designer architectural hardware to the Australian interior design, architecture and construction industries. When we are choosing the collections we bring to Australia, we love it when the products we view have a guarantee of quality, innovation and creativity that we can pass on to you. When we see they have been singled out for a well-known award like the Red Dot Awards, we always take a second look. And we’re not alone.

Why design awards are important

Show me a client who doesn’t enjoy the prestige of  having an award-winning product in their home or commercial project. Every time they open that door or cabinet, you want them to remember that they don’t just have a beautiful door handle or state-of-the-art door closing system. They have an award-winner, the best of its kind, recognised by panels of internationally-recognised subject matter experts. And because they have chosen the best, they also join that elite, exclusive group of people with great taste, those in the know. They feel great about their purchase. That’s what you give them when you select an award winning product for their design.

This is why we work hard to bring you the best interior design award winners. Here are some of our favourite award winning products that we know your clients will love, and a little background on the awards they have won, for when someone asks!

The Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot awards logo

Many of our products are winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award . The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts.

The Red Dot Product Design Awards date back to 1955 and they judge the best products created each year in around 50 categories. Manufacturers and designers can enter their innovations in the competition. In line with the Red Dot motto “In search of good design and innovation”, the jury evaluates the entries and only awards the coveted Red Dot to products that win them over with their high design quality.

Our Red Dot Design Award Winners

Argenta Invisible Neo concealed hinges

Invisible Neo concealed hinge red dot award winner

Created by Belgian premium door hardware specialists argenta, the Invisible Neo  range of concealed hinges offers a pure, sleek contemporary design with no visible screws.

The argenta Invisible Neo is available in three sizes and eleven finishes, including classic bronze, white and the popular black umber. Installing argenta concealed hinges is fast and simple, thanks to sophisticated ‘Easy-Hook’ fitting and 3D setting that make it easy for just one person to install the hinges and hang the door. Invisible Neo product information.

M&T Minimal handle by Roman Ulich

Minimal Red Dot SquareDesigned by Roman Ulich for Czech door hardware specialists M&T, the Minimal solid brass lever handle immediately became a best-seller when it launched in 2013. In the same year it won the Red Dot Design Award. This accolade meant that M&T was the first company in their country’s history to win a Red Dot. Available in seven different finishes, Minimal can be tailored to suit many decors and includes a Black Matt model with a small glowing light to help find your way at night (no power source needed).

M&T Maximal handle by Roman Ulich

Maximal Lever Handle Red Dot

Seen as the sister product to M&T’s Minimal, the Maximal lever handle was also designed for the Czech manufacturer by Roman Ulich. Made from solid brass, it is available in the same seven surface finishes as Minimal.  The key difference with Maximal is that it includes a choice of inlays in the handle that can be matched to its surrounding to create a unique design feature. Maximal received the Red Dot Design in 2013 along with Minimal.

FORMANI FOLD lever handle by Tord Boontje

Fold lever handle red dot square

Fold, designed by Tord Boontje, for Formani, is a solid sprung lever handle on a concealed rose.  Created from one solid piece of stainless steel, Fold uses a unique bayonet fixation system that allows the handle to appear to float on the door. It has been described as a true piece of art and probably one of the most unique lever handles to have been created. It won the prestigious Red Dot Design award for excellence in 2013.

FORMANI INC lever handle by Piet Boon

Inc Lever Handle by Piet Boon

The INC door handle, designed by Studio Piet Boon, is another of our Red Dot Design Award winners. INC took out the accolade in the 2019 in “Product Design” category thanks to its smooth curves and ergonomic grip.

Starting out as a circular cylinder volume, the INC took shape after flattening the circle and tapering the end. This provides the handle with a smooth incline, after which the INC was named. The INC series of architectural hardware is available in satin stainless steel and PVD satin black.

Albo Fenix letterbox by Argenta

Fenix Letterbox Red Dot AwardThe elegant modern Albo Fenix 536 letterbox has been a best-seller since it was introduced and won the Red Dot Design award in 2015. The flat, vertical flap of this aluminium letterbox opens inwards, making it easy to use. Love online shopping? The plate inside the letter box can be removed if wanted in order to double the volume. The floor has drainage holes and a special profiling to prevent condensation from damaging the mail.

This letterbox also features a security mechanism built into the flap opening to prevent the mail from being stolen. The Red Dot jury were particularly impressed by ‘the extremely minimalist, strictly geometric design of the exterior surface and its well-balanced proportions’ of this letter box, making ‘resemble a sculpture’. They also described the vertical, inwardly opening letter flap as ‘an attractive detail’.

YES! pull handle by M&T Magnetics

Yes! Magnetic Handle

The YES! solid brass pull handle has been designed to complement the M&T Magnetics door closing system. YES! took out the prestigious Red Dot design award when it was launched in 2020.

YES! is available in lengths from 110mm to 910mm long. It includes an integrated WC/bathroom lock system with open/closed position. Designed by Roman Ulich, this pull handle is made from solid brass. There are 10 surface finish options and 5 different lengths to choose from.

M&T Magnetic Door Closing System

Magnetic Red Dot

The patented M&T Magnetic door closing system is a double red dot award recipient, winning two of these coveted accolades in 2020, in conjunction with the YES! and Konzerva pull handles from the M&T Magnetics range.

This system provides perfect reliability and comfort control. It requires no maintenance or service, working without a handle, lock, or any electronics. The M&T Magnetics system also won an Australian Good Design Award in 2020. M&T Magnetics product information.

M&T KONZERVA 220 pull handle by Roman Ulrich

MT Konzerva square red dot

KONZERVA pull handle is a striking metal pull handle, available in black titanium or matt nickel finishes and two sizes (110mm or 220mm). The ergonomics of this door handle include a subtle rounding of the grip area. The Konzerva pull handle has the option of changing the internal magnetic plate to align the surface colour of the pull handle with the door, or to make the door control area more visible. This modern pull handle was created by Roman Ulich for M&T and complements the M&T Magnetics door closing system. Together with the M&T Magnetics door closing, Konzerva won a Red Dot design award in 2020.