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Privacy Turns

UP/DOWN Privacy Set M&T | Solid Brass

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Product Information

Brand: M&T Handles
Series: UP/DOWN
Designer: Herrmann & Coufal
Sold As: Set

The UP/DOWN Privacy Turn Set to match the UP/DOWN lever handle. Available in 6 finishes with a guaranteeof 3-15 years depending on the finish.

A wide range of complementary products are also available in the same design and colours to unify your design throughout a project.

*All Prices are including GST
* If the product is not in stock lead times are 8-10 weeks.


Finish Option
  • Nickel - Brushed, Satin
    144840 | SNi-Grinded
  • Chrome - Glossy
    144857 | Cr
  • Chrome - Matt, Titanium
    144864 | TiN-C
  • Black - Titanium
    144871 | TiN-K
  • Brown - Matt, Titanium
    144888 | TiN-B
  • Brass - Matt, Titanium
    144895 | TiN-A
  • Width
    Ø 54 mm
  • Height
    59 mm