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Door Handles - Levers


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TWO PBL22P236SFC by Piet Boon for Formani is a stainless steel and timber solid unsprung lever handle on a blank plate.

This unique design combines the beauty of natural and black stained timber with metal. The result is a stunning appearance and tactile appeal as well as reflecting the trend of incorporating natural materials throughout.

The TWO collection has been designed for FORMANI® by the celebrated Interior Designer Piet Boon.

This collection is a total concept for door, window, and furniture fittings made from brushed stainless steel combined with high-quality oak, which is also available in natural and black-stained versions.

The oak in these handle designs interlinks with the steel elements, fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle.

This is a complex, handmade product that bears witness to the time and dedication put into its creation. Piet Boon’s contemporary yet timeless design will be an asset to any interior.

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Finish Option
  • Oak-Stainless Steel
    PBL22P236 SS + OAK
  • Black Oak-Stainless Steel
    PBL22P236 SS + BLACK OAK