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Door Handles – Magnetic Pull Handles

OKO pull handle

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Product Information

OKO pull handle is a solid brass round internal door handle that is ergonomic and pleasant to use. It is available in a choice of 10 surface finishes and the option to replace the centre magnetic plate to match the finish of the door.

Designed by Roman Ulich, this pull handle is made from solid brass with the following surface finishes: SNi nickel matt, SNi-gr nickel matt grinded, Cr polished chrome, Ms brass natural, Ms-A brass antique, Ms-L brass polished, TIN-C titanium chrome matt, TIN-B titanium brown matt, TIN-A titanium brass matt, TiN-K titanium black matt

This pull handle is designed to complement the M&T Magnetic door closing system.

M&T Magnetic is a revolutionary magnetic system that enables doors to open easily and close perfectly. Strong magnets in the door and frame allow for perfectly smooth and noiseless closing, holding the door closed without the need for a lock. Intended primarily for internal doors, the range also includes mini locks that can be added where extra privacy is needed. M&T Magnetic is designed by Roman Ulich for M&T. The M&T magnetic door closing system is the winner of the Gold Australia Good Design Award 2020.

To complement the magnetic system, M&T designed these innovative pull handles for simple but effective door control. Some models include integrated bathroom door locking systems. These handles feature sophisticated ergonomics and outstanding stability. they are available in several surface finishes to match the door and overall interior design. Selected models allow the visible central area of the handle to be filled with the same material as the door finish to give the effect of a partially concealed pull handle.


Finish Option
  • Titanium Black
    OKO TIN-K Titanium Matt Black
  • Nickel Matt
    OKO SNi matt nickel
  • Nickel Matt Grinded
    OKO SNi-gr grinded matt nickel
  • Glossy Chrome
    OKO Cr polished chrome
  • Natural Brass
    OKO Ms natural brass
  • Antique Brass
    OKO Ms-A antique brass
  • Polished Brass
    OKO Ms-L polished brass
  • Titanium Chrome Matt
    OKO TIN-C titanium matt chrome
  • Titanium Brown Matt
    OKO TIN-B titanium matt brown
  • Titanium Brass Matt
    OKO TIN-A titanium matt brass
  • Overall Length
    63 mm
  • Height
    33 mm