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Door Handles - Levers

ENTERO solid brass handle

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Product Information

ENTERO solid brass lever handle has a magnetic rosette and choice of 10 surface finishes including Titanium Black, Titanium Brass Matt, Titanium Brown Matt and Titanium Chrome Matt. It has a guarantee from 8 till 15 years, depending on the type of surface. With M 2018 quality mechanics it is suited to interior and exterior doors. Product update: the ENTERO solid brass lever handle Aged Bronze, Polished Brass and Antique Brass finishes have a lifetime guarantee.
This advanced door handle design incorporates a number of innovations. It is fast to install and its functionality is unrivaled, lifting the bar of design and installation for door rosette handles. The magnetic system uses powerful neodymium magnets to secure the long term fit of the slimline rosette.


Finish Option
  • Aged Bronze
    098990 Ms-A
  • Polished Brass
    098983 Ms-L
  • Natural Brass
    098976 Ms
  • Titanium Black
    099133 TiN-K
  • Titanium Brass Matt
    099102 TiN-A
  • Titanium Brown Matt
    099126 TiN-B
  • Matt Black Chrome
    099140 Cr-K
  • Satin Nickel
    098952 Sni
  • Titanium Chrome Matt
    099119 TiN-C
  • Glossy Chrome
    098969 Cr

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