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Dropbox Small eSafe Letterbox

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Product Information

The Dropbox eSafe is made of a sturdy 3 mm aluminium sheet. The range contains 2 models: Dropbox Small and Medium.
As with the Fenix Top, the box is equipped with a shock absorbing foam and a trap system with delayed closure. The foam at the bottom makes sure the parcels drop gently, and the trap system contributes further to the high-quality appearance of this eSafe. Besides the difference in volume between the Small and Medium versions, you collect the parcels and letters from another side. The Dropbox Medium opens at the front, this allows you to install the parcel box against the wall. The Dropbox Small opens at the back, which in turn contributes to a sleek and soothing design


Finish Option
  • Black
    Dropbox Small eSafe Letterbox
  • Overall Length
    365 mm
  • Width
    270 mm
  • Height
    985 mm