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Concealed Pivots

argenta® Magnotica®Pro Magnetic Contactless Door Closer

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Product Information

The magnotica pro® is a magnetic and contactless door closer which holds interior doors shut without the need for a door handle or latch. Because there are no moving parts, the door can be opened and closed completely noiseless. This magnotica pro® can be installed on any normal wooden door and frame and is also specially designed for easy installation in the invisidoor® DL, the concealed aluminium frame for interior doors. Because the door is quick and easy to open without the need for a door handle, this magnetic closure is particularly suitable for doors to walk-in closets or storerooms. The magnotica pro® is also ideal for use in combination with the pivotica®, the unique compact pivot system from argenta®. The magnotica pro® can be used either vertically (on the front edge of the door) or horizontally (top of the door).
- No moving parts to wear out
- Door can be opened and closed noiselessly without a door handle or latch
- Doors are quick and easy to open and close
- Available in white, black or grey
- Perfect integration in the invisidoor® DL possible
- Ideal for doors to walk-in closets or storerooms
- Perfect for keeping pivoting doors in their closed position


Finish Option
  • Black
  • 70001091
  • 70001088