28 May, 2021

M&T: A complete magnetic solution for doors

Despite 20 years developing door handles, M&T's Roman Ulich still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted the perfect door control system that could work without a handle or a lock, with no defects and no need for maintenance...

After 20 years of creating, innovating and refining door hardware, it’s safe to say that Czech-based M&T know handles. Their products have won multiple design awards and their reputation in architecture and design has gone from strength to strength.

However, as we all know, even the best-designed door handles and locks are not problem-free, and eventually need a service or maintenance. Despite spending 20 years developing their products, M&T designer Roman Ulich was still not satisfied. He wanted the perfect door control system that could work without a handle or a lock, that needed no service or maintenance and that had no defects.

The designer experimented with strong magnets, placing them in the door frame and a stainless steel block in the door panel. The system was developed and refined until finally the M&T Magnetic door closing system was born.

M&T magnetics diagram magnetic door closing without a handle or lock

Adjustable door closing for a quieter life

Using the magnetic system, when the door is closed, the two magnetic parts approach each other without needing to make physical contact. This allows the door to close quietly, with only touch of the door to a seal being audible. Opening the door is silent. Imagine the difference that this could make at night, with children sleeping, or during the day for shift workers. A quieter life and a peaceful home with no more slamming doors.

Primarily intended for interior doors, the Magnetic system reliably controls and closes the door but without locking it. The range therefore also includes mini locks with a WC/bathroom option and a secure lock with a cylinder.

Two Tease M&T Magnetic Adjustable Lock, part of the M&T Magnetic door closing system in blackMagnetic is a patented system with precise door control adjustments that works for all kinds of doors, including European-style jamb door frames, metal or invisible. For new buildings and renovations, Magnetic is installed in the door frame with a magnetic block used as a counter plate. The system can be installed by a professional joiner in an existing door to replace a classic door lock.

Magnetic door closing inspired by a fridge

When creating the M&T Magnetic system, the designers were inspired by the reliable functionality of one of our most everyday household items – the fridge. We may be disappointed occasionally by the contents of our fridge, but never by the satisfying way the door closes. The magnets in the system make internal doors close with fridge-like perfection and eliminate any mechanical contact that could lead to wear and tear down the track.

Not content, the M&T designers took door closing one step further. The position of the magnetic parts can be moved closer or nearer to each other with a simple allen key, making it possible to adjust the exact force with which the door closes.

Award-winning magnetics

Good design award and red dot award logos

Replacing the classic handle and lock system has many advantages. It is not surprising that the system has been singled out for awards honours, both here in Australia and overseas.

In 2020 M&T Magnetic door closing system won both the double red dot in the red dot design awards and the prestigious Gold Award in the Good Design Awards Product Design Hardware and Building category, in recognition for its exceptional design and innovation.

Konzerva pull handle with lock - integrated pull handle from M&T

The Good Design Awards Jury praised M&T Magnetic, commenting: “Clearly an elegant design solution. Sophisticated, clean and unhindered design that looks comfortable to the touch and satisfying to use. A great example of good, solid industrial design.”

In the Magnetics collection, the Konserva 220 pull handle and the YES! Pull handle both also won red dot design awards in 2020.

Introducing magnetic pull handles

Both Konserva and YES! feature in the M&T Magnetic collection of pull handles designed to complement the Magnetic door closing system.

This contemporary range of magnetic pull handles is also ideal for use with pivoting doors. The focus of the design of the handles is on sophisticated ergonomics and outstanding stability for simple but effective door control.

Magnetic Pull Handle Finishes

All models in the range are available in various finishes, including Titanium Black, to ensure they complement the overall design. Some models include the option of adding an insert to match the door finish and give the impression of an embedded, integrated door handle.

Yes! pull handle with bathroom WC lock in M&T magnetics range

M&T describe themselves as perfectionists, focussed on details. Finishes are carefully matched throughout all components – even down to the heads of mounting screws.

After more than 20 years of research, development and many hundreds of thousands of produced pieces, M&T are among the leaders in surface finishes. Their products offer a range of metallic shades to complement any interior design concept, from different variants of natural brass to special super-hard titanium surface finishes in dark matt shades.

A hard metal layer is applied to the handle – no spray, no RAL paint – and the products are guaranteed according to the durability of the finish selected. M&T natural brass handles have a lifetime warranty. The brass is treated mechanically and allowed to age naturally. The colour and design of the handles will change and gain in beauty and character over time, with a patina varying according to the surrounding space and climatic conditions.

M&T designers are never content. Not with with a basic silver-coloured finish. Not with a standard door handle and door closing design. And you don’t have to be either.

Assembly diagrams: M&T Magnetic

1. Mounting Magnetic into the door frame

M&T Magnetic Assembly diagram - mounting Magnetic in the door frame

2. Mounting the Magnetic Block into the door

MT Magnetic diagram - mounting magnetic block in the door

3. Mounting M&T Magnetic collection pull handles

Mounting M&T pull handles on the door