12 December, 2023

Australia Made?

Australia made may sound nice but what does this exactly mean?

Australian Made… ha! “Australia Made” is often perceived as a stamp of quality and integrity, implying that a product is entirely manufactured or produced within the country, using local materials and labor. However, the reality can sometimes be different.

In our case, none of our handles we supply are made in Australia – they are manufactured sustainably and supplied by manufacturers that have been in the European market for decades.

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Some suppliers may advertise their producsts as ‘Australia Made’,  but more accurately they are ‘finished in Australia’. This typically implies that while the product might not have been manufactured or created in Australia, it underwent some significant processing or final stages of production within the country. This can involve assembly, final touches, or modifications completed in Australia before the product is ready for market distribution.  Some handles are in fact,  sent to China for a PVD finish hence the long lead times of 8-10 working weeks.   On the other hand, our PVD finish can be obtained in our standard shipping cycle of 3-4 weeks.

Therefore, it’s crucial for consumers to understand the distinction between products that are truly “Made in Australia” and those that are merely “finished” or processed within the country. In essence, while some suppliers may market their products as “Australia Made,” it’s more accurate to label them as “Australian Company,” indicating their presence and operations in the country.

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