19 February, 2024

Upgrade Your Hardware: A More Effective Alternative to Extended Strikers

Looking for a sleek and minimalist finish for your door? Look no further than AGB's Sicurezza XT as an alternative to the traditional extended striker.

The extended striker, a staple in door hardware, has long been favored for its functionality.  Commonly used in door hardware, refers to a longer metal plate attached to the door frame to receive the latch or bolt. However, with the rise of magnetic latches, questions arise about its visual appeal and practicality.

Let’s consider the drawbacks:

1. Aesthetics: The larger size of an extended striker might not suit everyone’s taste, particularly if it protrudes noticeably from the door frame.

2. Cost: Extended strikers may be more expensive than standard ones due to their larger size and potentially specialized design, which could impact the overall cost of door hardware installation or replacement.

2. Compatibility Issues: Not all locks or latches may work seamlessly with extended strikers, necessitating careful selection to ensure proper functionality.

To address these concerns, we propose the Sicurezza XT.

Sicurezza XT

AGB tackles these concerns head-on with its innovative magnetic latches. It features no latch protrusion and only pops out when it detects the striker’s magnet, ensuring no contact with the jamb during door movement.  Thus, this prevents any scratching, abrasion and chipping on both the door and the striker.

Sicurezza XT, developed by AGB, is a magnetic movement lock that offers a better alternative to traditional extended strikers for doors. Here’s why Sicurezza XT stands out:

1.Smooth Functioning: Sicurezza XT inherits the precision of mechanical movements from its predecessor, Sicurezza 2.0. It guarantees whisper-quiet closing, perfect for high-traffic entrance doors.

2.Magnetic Symmetric Latch: The no-handed, symmetric latch eliminates the need for spring latch inversion. This design ensures effortless operation and unmatched convenience.

3.Adjustable and Non-Handed: Sicurezza XT’s striker is adjustable and suitable for all sash thicknesses. The absence of a  lateral wing makes it versatile and compatible with various door types.

4.Minimalistic Elegance: Bid farewell to unsightly protrusions! Sicurezza XT remains flush with the door until it detects the striker’s magnet, eliminating any contact with the door jamb during movement. This prevents scratching, abrasion, and chips on both the door and the striker, while delivering a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that’s perfect for modern residential and commercial projects, as well as renovations.

Unlike traditional extended strikers, the Sicurezza XT boasts a groundbreaking design that prioritizes both functionality and visual appeal. However,  Sicurezza XT is for external security only. So, if you’re seeking a sleek and functional solution for your door, elevate your door’s style and security with Sicurezza XT today!

sicurezza magnetic latch lock 34

Also to consider.. 

Revolution XT operates with the same mechanics as Sicurezza XT with its retracted magnetic latch and striker. The lock features no protrusion on the forend, thanks to the latch which is entirely retracted into the casing. Whilst the lock is engaged, it secures the latch which also makes it function as a bolt. In this state, the handle’s movement is not restricted.

Customisable Forend Covers
With the option to tailor the forend plate to match your door’s aesthetic, you can achieve a flawless blend that enhances the elegance of any space. Plus, the practical snap-in installation hides the fastening screws, adding a touch of sophistication to your door’s appearance.

With Revolution XT, you can enjoy the perfect combination of security and style, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated door solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. However, Revoltuion XT is for internal doors

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